About Us
Swift Power Pay (SPP) Services is the First Pakistani payment platform that specializes in e-commerce processing for both individuals and businesses.

SPP is a secure state of the art system able to deal with all major types of payments online. As an online financial transaction broker, SwiftPowerPay lets buyers send payment to seller’s email addresses when they buy a product or a service from a website like www.apnimarket.pk.

One needs no special technology to send/receive payments through SwiftPowerPay. The only requirements are a valid email address. Every email address in the SwiftPowerPay system is unique and represents a unique identifier (like a bank account number). A balance is electronically maintained in a database against every email address.

From accepting payments for items/services sold on websites to paying for meals at restaurants or handling payments of any kind, We at SPP ensure your safety and provide you with a worry free rich experience where you the buyer or seller can engage in commerce without worrying about payment intricacies or dangers.

We provide value added services like email invoicing, mass and single payments, sms/email confirmations and business management tools along several other features. SPP also takes pride in providing under-serviced and emerging entrepreneurs with an affordable and convenient way to receive payments.

SPP’s Headquarters is located at (use this for all correspondence)

108-c Al-Hassan Building,
Tughlaq Road,
Multan, Pakistan