Buying with SPP is very simple. First add funds to your account and then send a payment to the seller. SPP comprehensive fraud prevention and security measures always keep your information safe. We shield your personal and financial details from merchants so you can shop securely.

We also protect your purchases if something goes wrong. Here's how we do it:

  • If you buy something online and are not satisfied with your purchase, you can file a dispute through our Resolution Center.
  • Reasons you might file a dispute:
    • You did not receive your product or service.
    • You received something different than what you paid for.
    • Delivery of your product/service was significantly delayed.

Contact Us to resolve a dispute.

Unauthorized Transaction Protection:

If someone initiates an unauthorized transaction through your account, we will help you every step of the way. Our Customer Support team is available for live calls 24/7 .

Buyer Protection Tips: (We do what we can to protect you and your purchases. But you can still take charge of your online security by using these helpful tips)

  • Watch out for items with delayed shipping. Watch out for items if the shipping date is more than 20 days after the payment date as there is more risk involved.
  • Establish a rapport with the seller. Ask all of the necessary questions before purchasing so you know who you're buying from.
  • Purchase from verified sellers only. We have authenticated their identities and businesses so your shopping experience is as secure as possible.
  • Be careful with high value and popular items. Do some homework to make sure that the seller is legitimate.
  • Keep an eye on international sellers. There is more risk with international transactions, so do some research and use your best judgment.