FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  1. What is SPP? ANS: SPP is SWIFT POWER PAY SERVICES. A service which allows you to conduct safe online E-Commerce.
  2. How can I make transactions? ANS: First you have to sign up at SPP, verify your account and then make transactions.
  3. How can I sign up for an account at SPP? ANS: You are required to fill up the sign up form on SPP for creating your account. Sign up Now
  4. How can I verify my account? ANS: When you submit the registration form, a verification e-mail is sent to your email id with a URL. Account verification requires you to click on that URL & accept our terms & conditions.
  5. What personal information is needed from you? ANS: Your name, gender, country, city, phone no, CNIC no etc.
  6. What is account information? ANS: Your email id, unique id, and password by which you sign in on SPP.
  7. Can I update my account information? ANS: Yes, you can easily update your account information. Just login to your account, go to Account Settings -> Update Account Information. You can’t change your Email Id, First Name & Last Name.
  8. What is the procedure of "send payment"? ANS: Login to your account, click on ’send payment’ button. Enter recipient email id which is receiving money and amount you want to send then click on "Send Payment" button. Check the recipient’s email id and amount to be sent. Press "Confirm" button if you want to send the payment, otherwise cancel the transaction.
  9. Does the sender pay any fee for sending the payment? ANS: It is totally free for sender to send any amount.
  10. Is any fee deducted from the receiver? ANS: Yes some percentage of the total amount is deducted as transaction fee.
  11. What is "Withdraw" in SPP? ANS: If you have some money in your SPP account then you can withdraw that amount from SPP account anytime and anywhere. Please consult the Type of Payments help page.
  12. Is any fee deducted if you withdraw money from SPP account? ANS: No, at the moment withdrawl is completely free.
  13. How withdraw works? ANS: Firstly, login to your account. Then go to "Withdraw". Fill up the form, select the bank from where you will collect your money. And submit the form.
  14. What if I don’t have bank account? ANS: Bank Account is only needed for withdrawing money. Otherwise, its not needed.
  15. How may I add bank account in SPP? ANS: Login to your account, go to "Account settings" then go to "Bank Accounts" fill up the Add Bank Account form. Submit it. After the SPP admin’s verification, your account will be added.
  16. How many days "Withdraw" procedure will take? ANS: It can take 4-5 business days to complete this transaction, depending on your bank’s holiday schedule and payment policies.
  17. How can I deposit money/Add Funds in SPP account? ANS: You can deposit money in SPP account from any bank in Pakistan like deposit in other bank accounts. You can deposit money in SPP Account by 2 means:
    1. By Cash
    2. Through iBanking
  18. Is any fee deducted while depositing money? ANS: No, at the moment no fee is charged for deposit.
  19. What is a ’P2P Merchant? ANS: ’P2P Merchant’ is a type of transaction in which the buyer is purchasing anything from online store like Please consult the Type of Payments help page.
  20. What is ’P2P Escrow’? ANS: Please consult the Type of Payments help page.
  21. How escrow transaction type works? ANS: Sender and receiver choose SPP as third party for the custody of their funds. Sender sends payment to escrow first then escrow send payment to receiver. Please consult the Type of Payments help page.
  22. Is any fee deducted in escrow transaction type? ANS: Yes some amount is deducted in the form of fee but only from the receiver side.
  23. What is "Add funds" in SPP? ANS: It is same like "Deposit". You can add funds to your SPP Balance from your bank account. This transfer will take 3-5 minutes. Once the funds are transferred into your SPP account, you can make online payments from your account and be sure that the required funds will be available instantly.
  24. Can I transact in dollars? ANS: Yes, SPP offers you the facility of transacting in dollars too.
  25. What is benefit of SPP? ANS: Make transactions easily anytime anywhere in Pakistan, flexible deposits and withdrawls. SPP prides itself on its safety mechanisms. E-commerce has never been this safe like it is now using SPP.
  26. What is the purpose of SPP? ANS: Main purpose is to facilitate online payments without any complexity. In Pakistan SPP is the first and single entity providing people safe, quick, efficient, accurate and almost free online payment system.
  27. Which services SPP will provide me? ANS: SPP provide online payment system by which you can buy things from online shopping websites like Also send payments from one person to another person.
  28. Is it helpful in your business? ANS: Yes it is very helpful because nowadays may businesses are online and all the payments are transferred online. So, SPP helps you grow your business.
  29. Is SPP trustable? ANS: Yes it is trustable for SPP is linked with several reputed Brand owners, Banks and merchants. SPP’s goal is to facilitate safe e-commerce by protecting the consumer in every possible way. are linked with SPP.
  30. Can SPP be integrated in other websites? ANS: Yes, if someone has an online store and wants to receive payments through his SPP account. He can integrate SPP Merchant API in his website easily.
  31. Can you send multiple payments? ANS: Yes you can send multiple payments at anytime and anywhere.
  32. How to send multiple payments? ANS: Login to your account. Go to "Send Payment" then go to "Send Multiple Payments Online". Fill up the form or upload CSV file.
  33. What does SPP do for sellers? ANS: SPP helps sellers gain confidence of new buyers, widens your customer area. It instantly allows sellers to sell their website &provides free bank withdrawl.
  34. What does SPP do for buyers? ANS: Pay using cash. No extra fees. Flexible deposits and withdrawls.
  35. Is there any return or refund policy in SPP? ANS: SPP does not enforce a single return policy. Please consult the seller for information on their individual policy.
  36. Does SPP have any privacy Policy? ANS: Please visit the Privacy Policy.
  37. Does SPP offer discounts? ANS: Yes, if someone has a huge volume of Business, he can request a special deal with SPP and can avail discount.
  38. If one user is in Pakistan and the other is outside Pakistan then can I send payment to him? ANS: Yes of course you can send payment to any user be it in or outside Pakistan provided they have an account.
  39. Will SPP fee increase? ANS: At this time, SPP does not plan to increase the fee of either service.
  40. Will SPP facilitate international trade by supporting currencies other than Pkr (Pakistani rupee)? ANS: Yes, SPP members can send and receive payments in other currencies too. When the multiple currencies are introduced, SPP members will automatically be able to use them with their existing SPP accounts.
  41. Will SPP continue to offer live telephone support? ANS: SPP will continue to offer the same Customer Support services now available. We are committed to offering quality customer support to all of our members, and are always looking for ways to expand and improve our services.
  42. Will SPP or share my information? ANS: Your privacy is very important to us. We will share information between Apnimarket and SPP only in accordance with each company’s respective Privacy Policies. Your information will continue to be protected and secured the same way it is today. As always, we will give advance notice of any changes to the Privacy Policy of either site.
  43. Why Apnimarket is integrating SPP into the Apnimarket platform? ANS: Many of our members currently offer SPP services. Therefore, the integration of SPP into the Apnimarket platform makes a tremendous amount of sense for our member community. SPP and Apnimarket share a common goal: to enable our members to trade with greater ease, speed and safety.
  44. Is there a minimum amount for Withdraw? ANS: Yes, there is a minimum withdrawal limit depending on the currency which you want to withdraw.
  45. Is there a minimum send payment amount? ANS: Yes, there is a minimum send payment limit depending on the currency which you want to send. For rupees it is 500 Rs. This amount may vary from user to user.
  46. Who do I call for my SPP account inquiries and of issues of immediate concern? ANS: You may call, SPP during the following hours of service:
    • 9 am to 6 pm PST time except Sunday.
    • Use the Contact Us.
  47. Can I receive alerts by email on any transaction? ANS: SPP sends email on all important triggers already. SMS is sent on important events like new transaction.
  48. What kind of information the transaction email will have? ANS: The email will have all details of that transaction. Transaction ID, Sender, Receiver, Amount etc.
  49. Can I update my email address of SPP account? ANS: No you cannot update your email address.
  50. What happens to the money in my SPP account? ANS: The money in your SPP account belongs to you. We temporarily hold the funds until you are ready to make a payment or an online purchase or a withdrawal.
  51. Once I have verified my SPP account, will I ever need to verify it again? ANS: No. Once you have successfully verified your SPP account, you will no need to verify it again in future. However, SPP may ask for additional verification documents at any time to ensure the security of your account and our network.
  52. Why should I become verified? ANS: Verification enhances the security of our network and maintains our compliance with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist funding legislation.
  53. What is a CSV file? A CSV or comma-separated value file is a plain text document in which information is separated by commas. A CSV file format is very simple and supported by almost all spreadsheet and database management systems, for example Microsoft Excel.