Business: Grow Sales
SPP can help you to grow your Sales:
  • Provide the world another way of purchasing your products or services.
  • You can sell your items through SPP.
  • Facilitate your customers, as they can purchase your item from any bank a/c.
  • Widen your target area.
  • People will be attracted towards your items, as they feel more secure and comfortable in purchasing via SPP.
  • Display & promote your SPP membership proudly: a stamp that will authenticate you and help you stand out from your competitors.
  • SPP is linked with reputed Brand owners and with Banks too. This will help you gain customers’ trust.
  • SPP members have money in their a/c, can make decisions quickly.
  • Two payment options:
    • SwiftPowerPay
    • SwiftPowerPay Escrow

In the past Only credit/debit card holders’ were able to purchase items. But SPP gives an edge to its users. SPP members can simply purchase items via their SPP a/c.

Integrating SPP API with your website is very easy.

Offering your customers to purchase more comfortably via SPP will make a distinction between you and your competitors.

People will be attract to your items, seeing SPP logo with it; a familiar, safe & easy mode of payment.

As different reputed brands and Banks get linked with SPP, you can gain customers’ trust easily without struggle.

SPP provides another way to gain customers’ trust; SPP offers another way of payment, "SwiftPowerPay Escrow".

SwiftPowerPay Escrow:

    In this mode of payment, a third entity (SPP) will be involved in the deal. If the seller offers this kind of payment and customer is conscious about his money, he can choose this "SwiftPowerPay Escrow" option.

    After choosing this, the money is deducted from buyer’s a/c but it is not deposited in the seller’s a/c till the buyer receives the product and is satisfied with it. Consequently, money will be deposited in the seller’s a/c.