1. P2P

    P2P stands for ’Peer to peer’ transaction. In this type of transaction buyer (sender) sends payment to seller (receiver).

  2. P2P Escrow

    ’P2P Escrow’ is like a ’P2P Transaction’ but with major difference. Buyer first sends payment to "SPP Escrow". SPP Escrow acts as a trustable third party. When buyer is satisfied with the transaction, buyer instructs SPP escrow to finally send the money to the seller. If buyer is dis-satisfied with the transaction then SPP investigates & based on the results of the investigation, either returns the money to the buyer or sends it to the seller.

  3. P2P Merchant

    P2P Merchant is exactly ’P2P’ except that it is initiated from an external website like Apnimarket.pk

  4. P2P Merchant Escrow

    P2P Merchant Escrow is same as ’P2P Merchant’, but with involvement of SPP escrow.

  5. Deposit/Add Funds

    In this transaction user deposits money in SPP’s bank Account. The user then makes a call to SPP to process his deposit transaction. After confirmation, money is added to the user’s SPP account.

  6. Withdrawal

    When a user wants to get money back, he/she can request it through the ’Withdraw page’. Money can only be withdrawn to an approved bank Account.

  7. Reverse

    P2P transaction can only be reversed by the seller (receiver) in the scenario of e.g. zero inventory. Nevertheless reversals are discouraged.